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After 15 years as a meteorologist, most notably as “Stephanie of WeatherBug” where she chased tornadoes, reported live from the eye of hurricanes and worked with television meteorologists across the country including Al Roker, Dr. Mel Goldstein and Geoff Fox, Stephanie retired her crystal ball to pursue a master’s degree in exercise science from the George Washington University. Fifteen days after graduating at the top of her class, Stephanie moved to West Hartford to become the new owner of Fleet Feet Sports - a dream come true!

Steph at age 5Stephanie began running as a kid, following in the footsteps of her dad (who, at that time, ran in cut-off jeans and Converse sneakers). She competed in her first race when she was 5 years old - beating a local radio personality. Her passion for running was solidified in high school thanks to Dr. Grote, an amazing cross country coach and physics teacher, whose inspirational stories, quotes and lessons still motivate Stephanie today both on the run and in real life.

In 1995, Stephanie was diagnosed with Lupus and stopped running because she thought she didn’t have the energy for it. Turns out, running was what she needed to be strong enough to fight the disease and gain back her life. This realization ultimately inspired her to switch careers so she could help others, especially kids and those new to running, reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle and do what they thought wasn’t possible.

I'm not telling you it's going to be easy; I'm telling you it's going ot be worth it.In 2002 Stephanie ran her first marathon with her dad and sister by her side – one of her most treasured memories. Several years and five marathons later, Stephanie finally qualified for Boston and had a memorable run through those storied streets in April 2009. Her dream of running an ultra marathon came true in 2012 when she completed the North Face Endurance Challenge 50k that featured an epic river of mud 16 miles long!  Steph’s not sure what her next goal will be, but she looks forward to seeing you on the road or trail.

John and Dawn Fabbro


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Loren McCreesh

The Leader of the Pack

Wonder woman!

Paul Giuliano

Paul Giuliano, Store Manager / Coach / Race Director / Footwear BuyerPaul & Sue

Even- tempered and cheerful, Paul’s easy-going manner and ability to multi-task makes him a perfect “F.I.T.” for the store. He claims that he has been running since infancy and certainly knows a lot about shoes, racing, statistics, well-known local and national runners, training plans and just
about every person who lives in the nearby communities. Paul competed in cross-country and track during high school and college, has raced in countless road races over the years. He is the Race Director for a large, successful local race and also works/volunteers at many other running events. In a frequently proven  and astounding fact, Paul is getting faster as he ages and keeps pulling down substantial race PRs in various distances, most notably in his recent marathons.
 Paul’s great work ethic  transfers well to his racing, as he trains hard, smart and effectively. Paul met his wife Sue at Fleet Feet - lucky for all of us!  And is a great cook, too!

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