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Endurance Progression Package - Winter/Spring 2019

Progression means forward or onward toward a destination.  Whether your final destination is a spring 15k or the half marathon distance, the Fleet Feet Endurance Progression Package will get you there. Spring 2019 is a great time to raise your game and challenge yourself to a new fitness goal. We've got a fun cost savings plan that rolls from winter programs right into the spring.  LEARN MORE!

Spring Half Marathon Training Program

New to the endurance scene?  Feel like a superhero?  The new year is the perfect time to commit to a new challenge!  Our 10-week class gets beginners and seasoned runners ready for the Superhero Half Marathon in Morristown, NJ.  This scenic, well-supported race is celebrating its 10th year.  Unleash the superhero in you and join us!  Training begins Saturday, March 9, 2019. LEARN MORE!

Fall Half Marathon Training Program

Is the fall your favorite training time?  Celebrate the LONGGGG RUN with us!  This 10-week class gets participants ready for the Delaware Canal Half Marathon.  We rent a bus to take everyone to and from the goal race with lots of fun and shenanigans as we traverse Washington Crossing Historic State Park!  It is a special event, an out and back flat course, run on a well groomed path along the scenic canal. Training begins Tuesday, September 3, 2019.  LEARN MORE!

Marathon Training Program

Are you ready to take your endurance running to the next level? Planning to run a marathon this fall? Pick a late October or November race of your choice (i.e. New York, Marine Corp, Bucks County or Philly). Our 14 week program is great for endurance newbies as well as those returning to the distance to bust through plateaus! Experienced coaches and mentors will motivate, inspire and help you achieve your marathon goals. Training begins Tuesday, July 23, 2019. LEARN MORE!

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