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Core Strength for Runners (Winter, Spring, Summer)

Fleet Feet's four-week program educates runners on the importance of strength and control of the glute: abdominal and hip muscles that constitute the core. Whether you are a novice or experienced runner, core strength is the foundation of all muscle groups working together cohesively.  Learn practical exercises to help you avoid injury, build endurance and strength and improve lateral movement. Winter Core starts January 12, 2019.  LEARN MORE!

Introduction to Chi

Experienced and beginning runners and walkers learn a great natural running/walking technique to strengthen core, improve balance and mental focus. Based on the principles of T'ai Chi, Chi Running encourages you to tap into the energy that unites your mind, body and spirit.  The approach reduces injury and improves running efficiencies while applying the principles of relaxation, correct alignment and posture, mid-foot strike, using gravity-assisted learn and engaging core strength. Individual video analysis is included.  We offer both a spring (May) and fall (September) on Thursdays throughout the designated months. Spring Start Date: Thursday, May 2nd, 2019. LEARN MORE!

Introduction to Trail

We love getting down and dirty on the trails! We're recreating a format we used in years past with a fun goal trail event finish. We'll still explore the great area trails and become acquainted with the twists and turns of off-road terrain running. Spring 2019 TBA  LEARN MORE!

Obstacle Course Training

Fleet Feet Sports Montclair and Intrepid Gym have partnered to bring you a unique opportunity! Our obstacle training program consists of running, skill practice, and functional conditioning. This includes experience with wall climbs, rope climbs, spear throw, and much more. We will train you to run faster and successfully complete each obstacle. Our 8-week spring program will meet twice weekly with guided workouts, educational workshops, a training schedule and group "test-out" events. Our goal event is the Tri-State Sprint Spartan on June 15, 2019. Training starts April 20, 2019.  LEARN MORE!

Speed Training (Summer Session)

Feel the need for speed?  Incorporating speed training into your workout is a beneficial way to improve fitness and teach the legs to turnover more quickly, all while mixing up weekly running mileage. Group sessions range from 1 to 4 miles and focus on form drills, dynamic warm ups and various speed workouts. The speed training class may be geared toward the runner who wants to improve his or her 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon time.  Speed Training begins in June, 2019. LEARN MORE!

Strength Training for Runners by Intrepid

Inspired by Fleet Feet's partnership with Intrepid Gym Montclair

Build your body to handle the repetitive impact of running and competitive walking. Strength training done the right way will help fix muscle imbalances that can result in overuse injuries and stiffness. Intrepid's program will show you how to build a foundation of movement and strength to become a better runner and walker. All levels are welcome. LEARN MORE!

Yoga for Runners

We've teamed up with Jaipure Yoga to bring the running community the practice of yoga. Focusing on restoration and recovery, this 6 session class is a great compliment to your morning run or walk and an awesome way to kick-off your week!  Our 60 minute session will start on a Sunday, January 6, 2019. LEARN MORE


XC Summer Running Clinic

Let Fleet Feet and New Balance coaches help get you race-ready for the cross country season! Sponsored by New Balance, this FREE program is perfect for high school cross country athletes gearing up for the fall season.  It's a great opportunity to build a base and become familiar with the Essex County XC course. Our non-competitive, relaxed program offering young runners the chance to perfect skills, meet other local runners and learn about running related topics (i.e. good form, pacing techniques, etc.). Start Date: July 10, 2019.  LEARN MORE

Youth Track Series

Introduce your children, ages 4 to 13, to the sport of Track & Field! Spend two summer Sunday afternoons on the track with the family!  The Youth Track Series has become a tradition nurtured and passed along by local volunteer runners who are sharing their passion with our area youth. It's just good old-fashioned non-intimidating exercise and fun the sun.  Event Dates:  July 7 and July 21, 2019.  LEARN MORE

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