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John Fabbro
Loren McCreesh

When/Why Did You Start Running? 30+ years. I started at the age of 9 through a recreation track program and then took a few years off in my 20's. I fell back in love with the sport and hope to run until forever!

Favorite Distance: As much as the training hurts, I love running marathons. For triathlons, I love the Olympic distance.  

Favorite Post Race Indulgence:  Hands down - a good burger and a freezing cold coke. If it's followed by anything chocolate, well, that's a bonus!

If You Could Run Anywhere, Where Would it Be?  Anywhere along the coast. I love to see and hear the ocean.

Paul Giuliano
Laura Messina
Cori Rannou

When/Why Did You Start Running? Since September 2012

Favorite Distance:  To race - 5k; for a daily training run - 5 miles

Favorite Post Race Indulgence:  Chocolate Milk

If You Could Run Anywhere, Where Would it Be?

Don Manfria

When/Why Did You Start Running? I've been running about 10 years (strictly as a runner). Prior to that 25 years to stay in shape for soccer.

Favorite Distance:  Half Marathon

Favorite Post Race Indulgence:  A burger or pizza

If You Could Run Anywhere, Where Would it Be?  I'd love to run the Rome Marathon.

Paula Fields
Sue Palermo
Tom Caputo
Mary Spink
Glenn Trimboli
Phil Coffin
Kate Shumeko
Sue Giuliano

Bridget Freeland
Amber Davis
Ed Gold
Elaina Frissell
Jess Barton
Kim Sabino
Nancy Katz
Nancy Livingston
Mick Close

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