Running Routes

Montclair, New Jersey has beautiful parks and wonderful reservations to run or walk through, however if you are looking to stick mainly to the roads click on one of the running routes from the store weekly groups runs.

Thursday Night Fun Run of 3 and 6 miles

Sunday Long Run of 8.5 miles*

  • *Cut this run short to 6.5 miles by taking out the loop in Brookdale Park
  • *Extend this run to 10 miles by adding an extra loop in Brookdale Park

We are often asked what is the distance around local parks. 

Montclair Parks

  • Edgemont Park - 1 loop = ~0.44 miles
  • Anderson Park - 1 loop = ~0.6 miles

Verona Parks

  • Verona Park - 1 loop = ~1.1 miles

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